A locksmith won’t have this key to unlock your home.

Energy patterns change all the time, every minute of every day. Eventually time passes and the cumulative effects begin to create challenges in our lives. The impact of energy over time is mainly looked at on an annual basis, and in accordance to the cycle changes that occur every 20 years. Each home's energy blueprint is influenced by the annual changes that occur on our planet. And every 20 years we complete a cycle change which also impacts our well being.

Buildings can go through a people or money "lock". This is based on the energy pattern calculated in your home. A people lock impacts health and relationships negatively for the occupants. A money lock can impact your finances and career (ability to make money). In both occurrences, water is needed outside the home to release the lock. A lock can be for a year, which means money may be tight, or you may be bothered by more frequent health or relationship issues during the year of the lock. Typically, it could be something you get through, and just being aware of it can help you make better decisions. But a lock that is for a 20-year period takes its toll over time and the impact can be more severe because it would be a continuous struggle for a longer time if it goes uncorrected.

Every home eventually goes through a lock, but timing is different based on the home's blueprint. As we begin to go through a new cycle, the impact may not be immediate. It could begin slowly and increase over time.  Increased health, relationship, financial or career problems may be signs that you are dealing with a lock.

Placing a water feature outside the home that includes clean, moving water can help release the lock.  During the current cycle (2004-2023) there are beneficial locations to place water, and there is a specific place (Northeast section of your lot) that you want to avoid because it can impact your finances or your health negatively.

Things to avoid if you are in the market for a new house.

So you think you have found the perfect home. Well, not so fast. Here are some basic characteristics in a home or its location that you are best to avoid. They are high-tension power lines; dump sites; graveyards; churches; buildings that had violent deaths; houses on stilts, houses close to emergency services (fire, police, hospital). These are examples of negative influences that are taken in through our five senses that can still impact us even if we think we can get used to them. If you are already living near these things, then there are some solutions to reduce the effect. Of course, the most effective is to avoid them all together.

When you are house hunting be sure to use all of your senses around and in the home to identiy visual, smell and sound issues that you really don't like. Sometimes we get excited about a place and choose to look the otherway or we are simply distracted by key features we are attracted too. Well, just like newlyweds, eventually the honeymoon is over and what once might be tolerable, can become bothersome over time.

Noise and weeds.

Overgrown shrubs, dead plants, nearby constructions are just some of the external influences that impact you and your environment. Take a stroll around your property and try to fix some of the more obvious items. If your shrubs are overgrowing then a simple solution is to trim back those in which block the energy path to your door. If your bushes and plants need reshaping and you are not confident it doing it yourself, call a local professional. Get rid of any eyesores, such as broken wheel barrels, car parts, and other items that normally would not be considered part of the "outdoor" environment. You may need to invest in a garden shed if you are overflowing with items, but it's well worth having storage for items that you use and want to keep protect from rusting and rotting in the outdoor environment.

Hauntings And Feng Shui: Avoiding the Paranormal Home

Sometimes avoiding some properties is the best way to harmonize with the environment. In the case of paranormal energy, or "hauntings" there are ways to look at the building and its environment to determine contributing factors to this phenomenon. This article explores environments and patterns to avoid with the type of properties that have been documented by paranormal researches as having paranormal activity.

Most people have some sort of belief in the afterlife. Most talk about the soul or spirit leaving the body after death. And though the story will vary by culture and religion, I find it amusing so many believers of the afterlife scoff at the notion that ghosts and spirits exist. But better research tools, more information about experiences and consistence evidence (though circumstantial) is building the case to validate people's experiences.

Paranormal studies often consider "energy" as a key characteristic in determining if a building has activity of the unexplained. As paranormal researchers seek to document evidence of a haunting and other unexplained events, the devices used are ones that allow them to read or capture fluctuations in energy patterns. Sometimes cameras and recorders are used to capture things that the five senses can not detect on their own. Thermal imaging cameras, temperature sensitive tools, and EMF devices are just a few items in their arsenal.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is something to be said about strange occurrences with credible witnesses and unexplained evidence that makes us all realize we know less then we are willing to admit. The universe itself is a major unexplained phenomenon that no scientist or religious leader can state with conviction on how it works, why it works, nor can they proclaim we know everything there is to know about life itself.

There is a is a universal energy at work and it makes our entire solar system function; it governs the physical features of this planet and operates through nature; it determines how planets must move; it is the creator of human nature, and understands the DNA of all life. You can call it a mix of protons, neutrons, life force, the great spirit, God, or whatever fits your belief system. You can choose to understand this force through a religious belief, or you can choose to understand this force through a more scientific system, like Quantum Physics.

The bottom line is everything is some form of energy. In paranormal cases, researchers are trying to understand through the change in energy, if hauntings are real. However, there are certain methods that have existed for centuries that deal with the probabilities for hauntings, thus it is a good decision to avoid properties with these characteristics. To violate these rules, is to take the risk that you may end up with uninvited guests of the paranormal kind. Here are a few basic rules:

  1. Don't live in a home (or build a home) where violent deaths occurred.
  2. Don't live next to a cemetery or on top of a burial ground.
  3. Don't build on land considered sacred by the local native people, live in a former church or a funeral home, or next to a hospital.
  4. Renovations and construction can stir up energy that has negative influences such as accidents, delays, and all-around bad luck. Renovations are often sited as a trigger for haunting experiences.

The above are pretty obvious clues. Here are ones related to specific energy patterns that a practitioner can calculate.

  1. Don't hang wind chimes in your home. This can be a trigger for hauntings if it is located with a certain negative energy patterns.
  2. Homes with overly passive energy patterns can also be candidates for hauntings.

I worked on a research project several years ago studying the patterns homes where there was evidence of activity.

  1. Most of the buildings were old, and they are in their "dead" cycle in terms of the quality of energy pattern. The dead cycle meaning that the home is built in a period in which the energy cycle is longer increasing in momentum, or not even decreasing in its energy pattern. It is basically at a halt.
  2. Most of the buildings have the least desirable energy blueprints, which is bad for health and bad for wealth.
  3. Most have a electrical transformer close to the building (not just the pole and electrical wires, but the actual transformer is on the pole).
  4. Underground water veins from natural spring/cavern type formations or old large trees that are deeply rooted in the ground.
  5. Many are on raised land (hill).

We can hypothesize that these characteristics are influences that increase the chances for paranormal activity to occur. Most likely the combination of the geography, the home's energy blueprint, and the type of energy created from past occupants are a recipe for paranormal activity. Why, or how it occurs is still not known.


Spring cleaning anyone?

Disorganization, clutter, dirty environment, walls that need to be painted, broken mirrors, etc. all have impact on your well being. They can also have strong psychological impact on the occupants. Having to operate in disorganization and clutter wastes your personal energy because it takes longer to find important items. Subconsciously, the impact of clutter can be tiring knowing that at some time you are going to "get around" to cleaning it up and until you do it, it will be nagging you subconsciously. Some items we hang on to items that bring back painful memories, and letting go helps us move on and gives a sense of freedom.

Clutter can also disrupt the flow of energy in your home. If you have to step out of your way to get around the "stuff" then its time to clean it up or pitch the clutter! Donate items of value like clothing, books electronics, etc. to a local church or orgnization like Salvation Army or  Goodwill.

A more obvious indoor environmental influence is a filthy home because it can be physically harmful. If you can afford to have a local house cleaning service come in then do it! For the busy career person it gives you back free time and forces you to pick-up the clutter before they come.

However, if you are operating on a tight budget like most people, I highly recommend the book called Speed Cleaning, by Jeff Campbell and the Clean Team. It organizes the cleaning process to reduce your time spent cleaning your home. You can check it out from your local library, or go to Amazon.com where you can get new and used versions. He is also author of the book Clutter Control, in case you need some advice on organization.