Yes, the Force IS with you.

Kinnected LivingĀ® is identifying the not-so-obvious influences of your environment and making changes to improve your life.

Most people are familiar with the character Yoda from the movie series Star Wars. Yoda wisely told his young apprentice that the "force" is in everything, and it flows through everything, including his apprentice. Imagine the "force" being the energy that connects us all. It is everywhere and part of everything. Even though Yoda was a fictional character, the fact remains that science tells us everything is made of energy, including humans.

Our environment is made of energy that interacts with our energy. We also create energy through our actions, thoughts and beliefs and they all have an influence on our lives. Kinnected Living is learning to identify and tweak our environment and even our perspective to better our lives.

Energy of your environment.
We live in a universe filled with different energies that impact our environment. The natural rotation of our planet consists of cycles of days and nights. As the earth revolves around the Sun in these yearly cycles, it is subject to gravitational and magnetic fields. For example, did you know that the magnetic difference between Maine and Alaska varies about 26 Compass degrees from true North, and it fluctuates over time? Physical forces and time cycles affect us profoundly.

Through our 5 core senses we can observe and improve our living by changing what offends those senses. At a more advanced level, we must use methods that are based on centuries of observation of the effects of natural forces on people and the environment. The goal is used to harmonize humans with their environment. It's not magical, and it is not a belief system. It is based on the scientific fact that everything is energy. We are connected to the energy in our environment because we are interacting with it.

Have you ever entered a new environment and noticed things thing seemed different or off? Have you moved into a new place that looked and even felt great, but noticed since moving that you seem to have a string of bad luck with your health? Or perhaps it seems you can't catch a financial break. Maybe your relationship has gone down the tubes. Whatever that "change" that occurred in your life, it could be connected to you new environment.

Energy of actions, thoughts and beliefs.
Not only does the energy of your surroundings impact you, so does the energy you create. Beliefs and thoughts create energy, and even lead to actions a human will take. If you are not convinced, look at your life today and think about what thoughts or belief systems shaped who you are and how you interacted with others? Perhaps the phrase "you reap what you sow" best describes this form of energy. Also the term "self-fulfilling prophesy" helps demonstrate the power of someone dwelling on a negative situation and it coming true. It could be simply because the type of energy they put out attracted the kind of events or energy they most dwelled upon which ultimately led to fulfillment. In a more positive perspective, the premise behind the popular book "The Secret" uses the power of thought and beliefs to create abundance.

Theoretically speaking, what if thoughts go out into the world and stay in an energy field that can continue to impact our environment. An example of this would be audio, photographic, video and eyewitness evidence of a haunting by which the same "ghostly" event repeats itself. This is referred to as an "environmental imprint". It is not an actual ghost, but a past event or person that left an imprint on the environment. It is believed that when people experience this event, they are watching a "movie" from the past. If an imprint occurs long after the event happens, is that essentially evidence that we are capable of leaving a energy footprint on our environment?