Energy Blueprint

The overall energy pattern in the home directly influences the impact of the internal pattern and the effectiveness of any corrections. In fact, there are 216 possible blueprints, but they all fall into four types of home patterns that determine the strength or weakness in supporting health, relationships, finances. The following describes the four types is in order of Best (1) to worse (4)

  1. An energy blueprint good for wealth and health of the occupants.
  2. An energy blueprint good for health, but weak for wealth.
  3. An energy blueprint good for wealth, but weak for health.
  4. An energy blueprint weak for health and wealth.

There are ways to balance the effects of each home listed above and is the most effective way to improve the energy pattern in the home. These corrections are all done with elements outside the home if they do not already exist. The first priority is to balance the overall pattern if your home is a 2, 3, or 4 because it has a direct impact on the energy patterns in the home.

All homes' have favorable and unfavorable areas inside. It's best to have a floor plan which takes advantage of the better areas, planning the undesirable areas for rooms such as bathrooms, closets, and other areas used infrequently. If key rooms are in undesirable areas there are ways to balance the area, but the impact of the "remedies" are weak if the overall home has not been addressed first. And, if the rooms and home have no corrections in place, then the impacts can be harsh on the occupants who live in the home.

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