Thursday, May 30, 2019

Things to avoid if you are in the market for a new house.

So you think you have found the perfect home. Well, not so fast. Here are some basic characteristics in a home or its location that you are best to avoid. They are high-tension power lines; dump sites; graveyards; churches; buildings that had violent deaths; houses on stilts, houses close to emergency services (fire, police, hospital). These are examples of negative influences that are taken in through our five senses that can still impact us even if we think we can get used to them. If you are already living near these things, then there are some solutions to reduce the effect. Of course, the most effective is to avoid them all together.

When you are house hunting be sure to use all of your senses around and in the home to identity visual, smell and sound issues that you really don't like. Sometimes we get excited about a place and choose to look the other way or we are simply distracted by key features we are attracted too. Well, just like newlyweds, eventually the honeymoon is over and what once might be tolerable, can become bothersome over time.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Traffic patterns in the home can lead to traffic accidents for home occupants

Entering your home can stir up both good or bad energy, depending on the location of the door. Although the main door of the home  has been described as the mouth in which fresh energy enters the home, it is not always the door people use.

In suburban life,  most people enter through an attached garage or an alternative entry near parking. As we enter a home we are "activating" or stirring-up the type of energy in which the door is located within the home. Personally, my entrance from the garage happens to be in a better pattern then the front door. I gladly reserve the main entrance for guests, while my family spends their time entering and exiting through the laundry room to the garage. The traffic pattern from the garage door into the home includes the kitchen and breakfast area, which is common in newer floor plans around the Midwest.

This statement is also true for most clients, and in one specific case, the garage entrance and traffic pattern activated a unfavorable energy pattern. This energy pattern was known for increasing chances of car accidents, lawsuits and arguments. After the initial analysis, I identified this as an area for correction and why.

The client told me that since moving into the home all of the occupants have been involved in accidents. She also noticed that when arguments occurred, it seemed to be in this same area. This high traffic area started through her garage entrance and continuing into the kitchen and breakfast areas to fully enter the home. Before moving into this home she had not been in a car accident during her driving career, and since moving into this home it happened more than once to her, and the other occupants.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

When you were born might just be key to getting a good nights sleep.

Basically we have 8 directions to sleep our head towards. Four of the directions are good for you, and four are bad. Which one's are bad for you? This all depends on when you were born according to the solar calendar, and if you are male or female.  This designates the first breath of energy you took in your life and determines the energy that is most supportive to you.

Either you will fall into the West Group (W,SE,NW,NE) or East Group (S, SE, E, N) categories.

There is an ancient methodology called Eight Mansions (East/West) which is used to determine your best and worse directions for sleeping, working among other things.  This application also determines furniture directions as well as if there are any key doors, rooms, etc. that maybe aligned with non supportive directions. This approach is one of many layers of methods applied in Feng Shui.

I am definitely a proponent of having a my head towards my favorable sleeping direction. I have done this in my last two houses and definitely noticed a difference in my sleeping patterns and ability to get a restful sleep (at least when in there is no snoring from my spouse.)

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Haunted Lemp Mansion was a Blueprint for Suicide

Suicide and Mental Health blueprint.

Every home or building has an energy blueprint. To be clear, we are not talking about the architectural drawing of the home. Think of it as the DNA that provides the instructions for the type of energy residing in your building space.   While there are a variety of possibilities, there are definite patterns that seem to influence the occupant's health, relationships and even finances, generally speaking. These influences have been identified over thousands of years of observation and collection.

Sometimes, it is easier to explain when you hear an example of how the energy blueprint can impact a building and its occupants. To demonstrate, let's look at the Lemp family, a famous St. Louis beer dynasty prior to prohibition . The Lemps were a wealthy, influential brewing giant in their time, late 1800s through early 1900s. The Lemp Mansion was converted to a restaurant and bed & breakfast several years ago. It is nationally renowned, not for its cooking...but its ghosts. Books have been written on the Lemp mansion's haunted history, and it is known as one of the most haunted (#2 or 3) as I recall, places to visit in America.

The ghosts that haunt the mansions are reportedly those of the Lemp family. Three suicides occurred in the Mansion. Two other members died at the Mansion in their prime, but causes were related to poor health. I visited the mansion to assess the property.

While this should no longer surprise me, I was still taken back to discover that the pattern associated with this property was connected to energy patterns associated with potential suicide and mental illness.

Based on this, I also looked at the years of deaths of all members in question. I looked at the annual energy influences during the years the members of the Lemp family died.  The 3 family members who committed suicide in the Mansion had occurred in years in which the annual energy pattern was identical, though their suicides occurred in different decades. The members who died prematurely of health problems died in years in which the annual patterns differed from the 3 suicides in the mansion.

For me, this was an outstanding find, because it painted a clear picture of the influences the house had on its occupants. The overall pattern was very good for money, especially during the period before prohibition, when the Lemp Brewery was in its prime. But, the overall pattern was poor for supporting health and people. Combined with poor internal energy combinations, this would make the home that much more influential on the people living inside the home.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Hauntings And Feng Shui: Avoiding the Paranormal Home (Part 2)

There is a is a universal energy at work and it makes our entire solar system function; it governs the physical features of this planet and operates through nature; it determines how planets must move; it is the creator of human nature, and understands the DNA of all life. You can call it a mix of protons, neutrons, life force, the great spirit, God, or whatever fits your belief system. You can choose to understand this force through a religious belief, or you can choose to understand this force through a more scientific system, like Quantum Physics.

The bottom line is everything is some form of energy. In paranormal cases, researchers are trying to understand through the change in energy, if hauntings are real. However, there are certain methods that have existed for centuries that deal with the probabilities for hauntings, thus it is a good decision to avoid properties with these characteristics. To violate these rules, is to take the risk that you may end up with uninvited guests of the paranormal kind. Here are a few basic rules:
  1. Don't live in a home (or build a home) where violent deaths occurred.
  2. Don't live next to a cemetery or on top of a burial ground.
  3. Don't build on land considered sacred by the local native people, live in a former church or a funeral home, or next to a hospital.
  4. Renovations and construction can stir up energy that has negative influences such as accidents, delays, and all-around bad luck. Renovations are often sited as a trigger for haunting experiences.
The above are pretty obvious clues. Here are ones related to specific energy patterns that a practitioner can calculate.
  1. Don't hang wind chimes in your home. This can be a trigger for hauntings if it is located with a certain negative energy patterns.
  2. Homes with overly passive energy patterns can also be candidates for hauntings.
I worked on a research project several years ago studying the patterns homes where there was evidence of activity.
  1. Most of the buildings were old, and they are in their "dead" cycle in terms of the quality of energy pattern. The dead cycle meaning that the home is built in a period in which the energy cycle is longer increasing in momentum, or not even decreasing in its energy pattern. It is basically at a halt.
  2. Most of the buildings have the least desirable energy blueprints, which is bad for health and bad for wealth.
  3. Most have a electrical transformer close to the building (not just the pole and electrical wires, but the actual transformer is on the pole).
  4. Underground water veins from natural spring/cavern type formations or old large trees that are deeply rooted in the ground.
  5. Many are on raised land (hill).
We can hypothesize that these characteristics are influences that increase the chances for paranormal activity to occur. Most likely the combination of the geography, the home's energy blueprint, and the type of energy created from past occupants are a recipe for paranormal activity. Why, or how it occurs is still not known.