Thursday, May 23, 2019

Traffic patterns in the home can lead to traffic accidents for home occupants

Entering your home can stir up both good or bad energy, depending on the location of the door. Although the main door of the home  has been described as the mouth in which fresh energy enters the home, it is not always the door people use.

In suburban life,  most people enter through an attached garage or an alternative entry near parking. As we enter a home we are "activating" or stirring-up the type of energy in which the door is located within the home. Personally, my entrance from the garage happens to be in a better pattern then the front door. I gladly reserve the main entrance for guests, while my family spends their time entering and exiting through the laundry room to the garage. The traffic pattern from the garage door into the home includes the kitchen and breakfast area, which is common in newer floor plans around the Midwest.

This statement is also true for most clients, and in one specific case, the garage entrance and traffic pattern activated a unfavorable energy pattern. This energy pattern was known for increasing chances of car accidents, lawsuits and arguments. After the initial analysis, I identified this as an area for correction and why.

The client told me that since moving into the home all of the occupants have been involved in accidents. She also noticed that when arguments occurred, it seemed to be in this same area. This high traffic area started through her garage entrance and continuing into the kitchen and breakfast areas to fully enter the home. Before moving into this home she had not been in a car accident during her driving career, and since moving into this home it happened more than once to her, and the other occupants.

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