Thursday, May 16, 2019

When you were born might just be key to getting a good nights sleep.

Basically we have 8 directions to sleep our head towards. Four of the directions are good for you, and four are bad. Which one's are bad for you? This all depends on when you were born according to the solar calendar, and if you are male or female.  This designates the first breath of energy you took in your life and determines the energy that is most supportive to you.

Either you will fall into the West Group (W,SE,NW,NE) or East Group (S, SE, E, N) categories.

There is an ancient methodology called Eight Mansions (East/West) which is used to determine your best and worse directions for sleeping, working among other things.  This application also determines furniture directions as well as if there are any key doors, rooms, etc. that maybe aligned with non supportive directions. This approach is one of many layers of methods applied in Feng Shui.

I am definitely a proponent of having a my head towards my favorable sleeping direction. I have done this in my last two houses and definitely noticed a difference in my sleeping patterns and ability to get a restful sleep (at least when in there is no snoring from my spouse.)

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