Tuesday, August 13, 2019

My Guardian Angel is a Brand of Scooter???

After just finishing a financial book on retirement I decided that I needed something a bit lighter to read. My personal book collection is like a mini-version of a Barnes & Noble, featuring something from just about every potential category. I was drawn to the book The Angel Therapy Handbook, by Doreen Virtue. The book talks about the Hierarchy of Angels, and how to connect with your Angels for guidance and healing. So I decided to not just read the book, but to take the advice and try the exercises.

Doreen explains that we each have two Guardian Angels. She says we should call them by their names. But in order to do that, we have to learn their names first. This is done through simple meditation and asking the question.  The names that come to you in your meditation, no matter how strange, are likely the name of your Guardian Angels. During my meditation, I received one name...Vespa.

Not sure if I can get much stranger than Vespa.  Hmmm...I researched the name hoping to find an inspiring story. I learned Vespa means wasp in Italian, and it is a popular brand of scooter. Not so inspiring, is it? At least not yet.

Our egos can create a lot of self-doubts when doing this type of energy work. Is Vespa a product of my imagination? This is why Doreen says to ask your Guardian Angel to send you a sign to validate the information. So I was thinking I would be cut off in traffic by a Vespa scooter. Afterall, scooters are not popular in my neighborhood so it would be a rare sighting. The other would be being stung by a wasp, though not something I really want as a sign from a Guardian Angel.

But Doreen is quick to point out not to tell your Guardian Angel what sign to send. I supposed if it worked that way, you would then convince yourself it was a product of looking for the sign and therefore invalidate the experience.

My sign came quick and unexpected. That afternoon I was in the backyard playing with Kramer (my 6-Month old granddog). I chased Kramer across the hill in the back of our yard and there it was right in my path. It was a feather. Not a small feather from the robins and sparrows the pup is known to chase. From tip to tip, this feather is 10.75 inches. A rather big feather to find. And it is pure white. So, I looked up the meaning of finding a feather. I came across the following graphic and wouldn't you know, the white feather means a message from your Angel. Wow!

Well then, I guess I have a Guardian Angel named Vespa.